Author Guidelines

Author guidelines of International Journal of Nuh: Law, Policy, and Human Behavior apply as follows the rules below, and please download the template in word or pdf

1. The manuscript written for International Journal of Nuh: Law, Policy, and Human Behavior is a scientific work with a law and Islamic law issue perspective in various disciplines, the content of the article have not published yet in any Journal.

2. The length of the article is between 15-25 pages, including figures, illustrations, and bibliography.

3. Article consisting of the various parts: i.e. title, the author s name(s) and affiliation(s), abstract (200-250 words), Keywords (maximum 5 words), introduction, literature review, method, result and discussion, conclusion, and bibliography.

4. The article has not been published in other media and does not contain element of plagiarism, with Turnitin similarity limit to 25%

5. Script can use Indonesian or English for workflow in submit and revisions, then publish must in English;

6.Citation style used is the Chicago Manual of Style 17th Edition in Full note using mendeley application, the template is available.