Plagiarism Screening

The articles submitted to International Journal of Nuh: Law, Policy, and Human Behavior: The Journal will be filtered using Turnitin, which must be below 25% of similarities.

Plagiarism includes:

  1. Word for word plagiarism: the author uses the words of other authors the exactly same without mentioning the source.
  2. Plagiarism over the source - the author uses the idea of others without giving enough recognition (without mentioning the source expressly).
  3. Plagiarism of authorship - the author claims to be the author of other people's articles.
  4. Self-plagiarism - included in this category are authors publishing one article in more than one journal by recycling papers. The important thing in self-plagiarism is that when citing one's own work, the new article produced must have significant changes. This means that the article is a small part of the new articles produced. So readers will get new things, which the author pours over new articles from old articles.